The Keybie Cafe

Customize a keybie!

240 PHP

Keybies are handmade charms that can be used as keychains, cellphone charms, dust plugs, and more!

If we don't have a character you want, we can make it for you! When choosing this option, you can pick the attachment you'd like (then tell us in the Notes section of the checkout). Attachments you can choose are cellphone strap, keychain ring, dustplugs, wooden clip, bookmark, or anything else featured in our shop.  I'll also ask for reference pictures of the character you'd like customized, and their series. 

We also do personalized characters, like an OC, your best friend, your SO, etc, for a higher price. Just choose "Personalized" as a variation! If you'd like a specific, personalized design, like a pose, two people in one keybie, etc, message me~

To make things easier, please fill out this format per character you'd like to customize: Boku no Hero Academia - Deku - keychain



  • Payment is made though Paypal/credit card upon checkout.
  • Prefer to make a bank deposit? Use our custom order form instead.
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  • For more details regarding payment, shipping, where to buy offline and custom designs, click the chart below.

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