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Keybie Tote Bags (pre-orders)

300 PHP

Keybies are handmade charms that can be used as keychains, charms, magnets, dust plugs, and more!

Now you can directly order any keybie design you'd like as a tote bag, with the design printed back-to-back.

Just choose this variation and indicate what designs (we have over 1500 in our shop!) you'd like to have as a planner charm in the Notes section at checkout! If you don't see the design you want, you can have it customized in our signature dotty style. Order them any time and get them shipped out every end of the month. Message us for any questions!



  • This product is shipped out at the end of every month! Orders taken are considered pre-orders and will be shipped along with any additional orders every month end.
  • Other attachment options that you don't see here as variations, like planner charms, magnets, bookmarks etc. can be selected the same way. Just search Attachment in our shop.
  • Payment is made though Paypal/credit card upon checkout.
  • Prefer to make a bank deposit? Use our custom order form instead.
  • Find out how to make a bank deposit the easy way with our illustrated guide!
  • For more details regarding payment, shipping, where to buy offline and custom designs, click the chart below.

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